How To

installation Guide

Guide to the correct use of Adam & Eve Concept Cases

How To

In 5 steps to the new design

Package includes: watch box, case with band, rubber protector, screwdriver, tweezers, spare screws, cleaning cloth and instructions.
(Apple Watch is not included).

Step 1

Prepare Apple Watch

Please turn off your Apple Watch.

step 2

Attach rubber protection

Cover your Apple Watch with the rubber protection. Make sure all openings fit perfectly with your Apple Watch.

step 3

Insert Apple Watch

Place your Apple Watch in the case.
Align the case crown with the crown of your Apple Watch.

step 4

close the housing

Close the case and make sure the back aligns with the groove to the crown.

step 5

screw the housing together

Screw the housing shut.
First only pull all the screws halfway into the threads and then carefully tighten the screws.

step 6

Turn on Apple Watch

Turn your Apple Watch back on.

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